System Cameras reviews

Nikon D810 review

Nikon D810

5 stars
Nikon's new top-end DLSR is all about image quality - but is it missing too many techy features?
Sony A7R

Sony A7R

5 stars
Full-frame sensor, tank-like build and lightning autofocus makes Sony’s pro-friendly camera mighty tempting – even at this eye-watering price

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Nikon D4S review

Nikon D4S

5 stars
Nikon’s flagship D4 DSLR has had a mid-life refresh and emerged with more power and new tricks. But is it worth upgrading to?
Nikon Df review

Nikon Df

4 stars
The full-frame Nikon Df looks and feels like an old-school film SLR... but costs as much as a pro DSLR. Is this retro-cam worth the cash, or is it a nostalgic flop?
Can Canon's 70D take the fight back to compact system cams?

Canon EOS 70D

5 stars
Can Canon’s new 70D take the fight back to compact system cams? With a clever new autofocus system on board, it just might
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