Survive the zombie apocalypse with these handy tips

Graphic viewing

It’s normal to want some eye-candy when you are brushing up on your zombie knowledge. The abovementioned must-read literature about a global war against zombies has its own talkies. Never mind the addition of a whole new character that does not even exist in Brooks’ novel. Or the vaccine that masks humans from zombies’ keen smell for brains. The only thing that matters, is that Brad Pitt saved the world. Catch him in action on SingTel mioTV’s video on demand.

AMC's The Walking Dead

For something less superficial, watch AMC’s The Walking Dead. The pure adrenaline rush from watching zombies chasing the survivors and chomping on their flesh is no match for the raw emotions portrayed by the cast of the TV series. Yes, the show deviates from the graphic novel’s plotline, but you’ll get the same goosebumps when The Governor stares at you with those deep, piercing eyes.

Ok, so you don’t have a clue how Rick Grimes and his not-so-merry band of men and women ended up in the prison? Head to, get the complete first season and catch up to the fourth season before the mid-season cliffhanger starts.

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