Wristy business: Sony SmartWatch 2 hands on review

We had a quick spin with Sony's wrist-wrapping Android-loving timepiece

Sony's proudly told us that it's number one in the smartwatch wars – and it's looking to shore up its defences against the likes of the Pebble and Apple's rumoured iWatch with its new SmartWatch 2.

We've gone hands-on with Sony's smart wrist candy – but is it a timely intervention or dead on arrival?

Design and build

At first glance the SmartWatch 2 seems a little big and chunky, but when strapped next to a more traditional timepiece it really doesn't look or feel much bigger – and it's not particularly heavy. It's got the same power button as the Xperia Z and Z Ultra and a micro USB port for charging – something you'll need to get used to if you're new to the world of smart wristwear.


We'd love to tell you what the 1.6in screen was like. How bright it is, how sharp it is, you know, that sort of stuff. Sadly the only watch on offer was as dead as a parrot. We were assured that while it wasn't hollow, the battery had simply run out. So for now, the screen in it's off-state offered no guidance other than letting us know that it's probably big enough for even pudgy fingers to navigate.

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What's your flavour?

While we only had the leather strap option to look at (which, incidentally, was a rather fetching wide option), there will be plastic straps to choose from for sports enthusiasts as well as a metal option if you're looking for durability. It'll also take standard watch straps so you can kit it out in real alligator skin, if you're into that sort of thing.

Initial verdict

It's hard to put a solid verdict on a watch that doesn't turn on, but build quality-wise, Sony has delivered on it's tradition of solid hardware. The SmartWatch certainly didn't offend any of our sense, in either its looks or design, but we'll have to wait for a live one to wrap itself around our wrists before we can judge whether or not it can trounce Pebble and co.

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