Six pack, here you come: SITU smart scale makes calorie counting a breeze

Banish that calculator and ditch the notepad. Dieting's just got a whole lot easier

Scales? What is this, Good Housekeeping?
Yes, it's a scale. But not an ordinary one. This one has brains. And it'll make losing weight a hell of a lot easier.

It's going to nag me every me I have a Creme Egg? Not cool.
Not at all. The SITU scale was designed by ex Apple employee Michael Grothaus, who previously lost weight with the best method available - calorie counting.

With a notebook, some ordinary scales, an 800 page nutrition book and a calculator, he meticulously worked out exactly how many calories he was shovelling down each day.

The SITU scales make this process a hell of a lot easier. They've got a built-in, offline nutritional information database for thousands of food products, taking the hassle out of calorie counting.

Calorie counting? Who needs that? I walk 5 minutes a day I'll have you know.
Good for you. But there's no point if you're eating dirty. Calorie counting is the most effective, guaranteed way to lose weight. 

As long as you burn more calories a day than you consume, you are guaranteed to lose weight, even if you don't do any exercise whatsoever. 

Everyone's got a six pack for example (yes, even you) but it's hidden by a layer of fat. You could do 3,000 crunches a day and still not see them, if you've still got a layer of fat covering them up. 70% of weight goals and muscle build up is down to what goes on in the kitchen.

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But don't apps already count calories?
There are existing apps like the Jawbone Up app which let you input nutritional data, yes, but they're a hassle to use for custom meals you make yourself, as you have to add each ingredient seperately.

The SITU makes the whole process a lot easier, as it lets you add food to your plate one group at a time, and tallies up the calories and nutritional info as you go along.

You'll soon realise just how much an extra dollop of mayonaise here and an extra handful of chips can add up, and it's a great way to open up your eyes and change your mindset.

My body is ready.
Excellent. In that case you can pre-order the SITU scale from £50 (RM275) on Kickstarter for delivery in November. It's only compatible with iPads at the moment, but thee are plans to bring it to Android too. Good luck, and enjoy your new body.

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