Samsung Galaxy Band fitness tracker could be wrapped around your wrist next year

The Galaxy Gear could have a leaner, fitter brother at Mobile World Congress

Samsung's not content with the number of wrist-hugging tech it's released to the masses, at least if the latest whisperings are to be believed.

A Samsung Galaxy Band fitness tracker will, according to Korean news site DDaily, be unveiled next year at Mobile World congress, joining the ranks of the existing Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Unlike the Gear, the Galaxy Band will apparently not feature a camera, which should result in a sleeker, lighter (and hopefully waterproof) form.

It'll also pack in a variety of sensors which will measure motion, pressure and humidity, covering all your cycling, running and general hart-rate-racing bases.

We expect voice controls and notification support to be on the cards, (preferably on all Android devices, thank you very much), and a patent leak showing a connected smartphone resting in a cyclist's bag all-but-confirms smartphone-tethering support.

Stay tuned for Mobile World Congress in February 2014 for all the info.

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