10 devices from the Samsung Forum to look out for in Malaysia

3. Samsung WW9000 Washing Machine

You may think it funny we’re featuring a washing machine here but after you’ve seen this one, you’ll be itching to do a bit of laundry with it. This ain’t your mom’s washing machine considering the amount of tech it’s kitted out with. It has a 5 inch colour touch screen, barely makes a sound and can even be controlled by your smartphone. And forget the square and boring washing machine of old. This washing machine looks like it belongs in a living room.

4. Samsung HW-H751 Soundbar

If space is going to be a problem for you, a bulky home theatre system is going to be the last thing on your list. Now a soundbar, that's something a little more appropriate, and Samsung's lates HW-H751 soundbar will not only save you space and give you a good dose of aural pleasures, it'll look good doing it too.

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5. Samsung NX30

Samsung's really going all out with their new compact system camera the NX30. It's kitted with a 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, and Samsung's own NX AF System II for faster and accurate focusing. That's all to be expected, but they've also thrown in a tiltable electronic viewfinder so you can shoot at a variety of angles (though admittedly you could easily use its 3-inch AMOLED display for that) and NFC for easy access pairing with your smartphone. And with their lens options growing steadily, Sony and and Olympus might just want to look over their shoulder as Sammy catches up.

6. Samsung MX-HS9000 GIGA Sound

Now the press release mentioned that the MX-HS9000 GIGA Sound was portable. But seriously, what part of this monster is portable at all? That being said, with a whopping 3400W of sound outpu, this is one system that'll definitely have the neighbours complaining if you decide to have a party. And with those lights on the GIGA Sound, who needs a club when you can do it all at home?

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