Driving the Renovo Coupe is as close as you can get to piloting a silent retro rocketship

Eat dust, Tesla

Electric cars are so passé, self-driving cars are the new cool
Hold your judgement. The Renovo Coupe might look a little retro, but that's only because it takes its design cues from the classic Shelby Daytona Coupe racer from way back in the 60s. And on the topic of electric cars, there might be plenty of them out there, but none can accelerate as fast as this.

Define fast
Faster than the office empties out on Friday, quicker than money flies out of your bank account at Christmas, and speedier than the hope of ever owning it leaving you when you hear its price - you get our drift.

Numbers please
Alright, you unimaginative creature. The Renovo Coupe packs twin sequential motors that are capable of blasting out 500 horsepower and 1000 feet of torque to take it from 0 to 97 kph in a blistering quick 3.4 seconds, faster than the Tesla Model S’ 5.4 seconds. And because it weighs in at just 1475kg, it can reach a maximum speed of over 195 kph, more than satisfying for the average speed junkie.

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Are you sure it runs on a battery?
Yes, and not just one but three different high voltage lithium ion batteries placed strategically for optimal weight distribution to keep the car balanced. The car also juices up just as quickly as it runs, filling up enough for an extended drive. A level-two charge will take five hours to complete.

Who do I have to blackmail to get one?
Sorry but you can’t yet. Limited production vehicles will be available in 2015 when they’re finally ready to leave the womb of Silicon Valley for the real world. Be ready to not be able to afford one though, they’re said to start from US$529,000 (RM1,675,000). So sad, we know. 

Source: Renovo Motors


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