Renault Kwid concept car comes with its own drone

This compact car opens up to unleash a mini quadcopter on the world

I've heard of optional extras, but this is ridiculous
Renault doesn't think so – its Kwid concept car comes complete with a mini quadcopter tucked away in the roof that can fly alongside you.

And why on Earth would I want that? 
According to Renault, your drone companion can be used to look for obstacles and traffic on the road ahead, relaying live video to a tablet mounted in the dashboard. You can also use it to take pictures, for the ultimate selfie.

Mm-hmm. And how am I supposed to drive and fly at the same time? 
The drone can be set to follow the Kwid automatically – or your passenger can take control of it from the dashboard tablet.

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Renault Kwid concept car comes with its own drone -  2Renault Kwid concept car comes with its own drone -  3

Doesn't sound like the car for me
That's because it isn't for you – Renault's designed the Kwid for young customers in India. It's tiny, at just 3.6m long, and packs in a 1.2l turbocharged engine (though there are plans for an electric version, too). And the interior is… unique. It's modelled on a bird's nest. Of course, you can expect all that to change when the car eventually hits the market – it's one of those wild and wacky concept designs, at the moment.

It'll never get off the ground
Oh, stop droning on.

[Source: Wired]

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