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Thief Game Review
25 February 2014 / 2:52GMT

Thief review

In 1998, hooded kleptomaniac Garrett basically created the stealth 'em up, but in this reboot he's more pilferer of past...
Broken Age review
28 January 2014 / 1:23GMT

Broken Age: Act 1 review

Broken Age is the adventure game that kickstarted Kickstarter, but is it really a victory for player power?
The Banner Saga review
21 January 2014 / 1:29GMT

The Banner Saga review

An epic Norse-flavoured RPG funded by Kickstarter, The Banner Saga paints a bright future for crowdfunded games
Call of Duty: Ghosts review
11 November 2013 / 15:18GMT

Call of Duty: Ghosts review

Is there life after Modern Warfare? We carry out reconnaissance on Call of Duty: Ghosts to find out
23 September 2013 / 20:19BST

FIFA 14 review

Depending on the kind of player you are FIFA 14 either takes things too far into the furniture-smashing frustration of...
24 June 2013 / 20:08BST

Acer Aspire S7 review

Can Acer's latest lap warmer bring the fight to Google's Chromebook Pixel and Apple's MacBook Air? We find out.....
24 June 2013 / 19:40BST

Dishonored review

Steampunk romp Dishonored proves not to be a poor clone of Assassin's Creed.
24 June 2013 / 19:27BST

Far Cry 3 review

Sharks, palm trees, white sandy beaches, nasty locals and guns aplenty in our review of Ubisoft's latest shooter, Far Cry...
24 June 2013 / 19:26BST

Bioshock Infinite review

The brainiest shooter series around goes beyond the sea and heads for heavens with Bioshock Infinite.
24 June 2013 / 19:24BST

Tomb Raider review

The polygon starlet of the PlayStation generation gets resurrected, but can Tomb Raider cut it in the age of Uncharted?