6 nostalgic Nokia moments that made history

Nokia N95 - the one that started the smartphone wars

Who says Apple invented the first smartphone? The N95 was reportedly the gadget that Apple looked to beat with its iPhone. For us, this Symbian handset was the jack of all trades – you could take photos, access the navigator and GPS, play games, movies, and music, as well as use its telephone and messaging functionality (duh!).

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Nokia Ringtone - du du du du, du du du du du

The Nokia ringtone is 20 years old. We’re sure you remember the tune of it. By mobile standards, it’s ancient and exists on every single Nokia device, including the latest Nokia Asha and Lumia phones. And yes, its melody remains unchanged and brings all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings when we hear it. Go on, shed a tear of nostalgia.

Still have your vintage Nokia mobiles as keepsake? Good, if you decide to sell it one day, it could be worth a fortune.

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