Watch this now: 9 hours worth of Super Nintendo start screens

For retro-gaming, this might be the ultimate timekiller

Feeling nostalgic about the heydays of Super Nintendo? You won't be able to beat this guy who compiled the start screens of every Super Nintendo game ever made and turned them into a nine-hour video and called it Super Press Start.

Let that sink in awhile. Nine hours of SNES footage. Mindblowing, though the question is where would anyone find time to watch the whole thing? Fast forward the video and you'll see a whole bevy of titles, from Dragon Quest to Final Fantasy and Jurassic Park 2.

That's dedication!

Earlier on, YouTube user NicksplosionFX compiled a three-hour long video of Nintendo start screens. His channel is a smorgasbord of Nintendo-related gaming content, probably the next best thing to digging your antiquated consoles out of the attic.

You can find the entire list of videos at NicksplosionFX's Tumblr.

[Source: Time]

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