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4) We've become scared of making tea

There’s something deeply unsettling about Prey’s oozing, glitch-like Mimics. Maybe it’s the way they scuttle across the floors and walls, just in the corner of your eye, or the freakish way they can morph into any everyday object, camouflaging themselves as a desk lamp, coffee cup or office chair.

Or, probably, it’s how they lunge for you when you get too close, trying to get intimately entwined with your oesophagus. Yep, Prey is scary - but would you expect any less from the spiritual successor to legendary sci-fi chiller System Shock, as told by Dishonored developer Arkane Studios?

We got to play the first hour at a preview event this week, and we’re still nervous when someone asks us to make the tea rounds.

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3) Your whole house can be a remote control

So far, most of us have traded a 'bundle of remotes' problem for a 'bundle of apps' problem. Sure, hubs such as Apple HomeKit and SmartThings are slowly weaving our home tech together, but none of them let you turn your lounge table into a controller for your Sonos speaker.

That's why we're excited about 'virtual remote' system Hayo. This Echo-like cylinder scans your room, then lets you place invisible controls for Nest thermostats or Philips Hue lights anywhere within it thanks to an augmented reality app.

Not that it really matters how Hayo works – all that matters is that you'll be able to impress guests by tapping a table to start music, or turning on lights by waving your arms in the air. Even if that does mean accidentally clotheslining your aunt in the process.