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5) Halo Wars 2 brings a new kind of strategy to Xbox One

Before you run a mile at the mention of a strategy game, this clever caper for your Xbox looks to be quite the title.

Less well-known than many an Xbox exclusive, we got hands-on with Halo Wars 2 this week and were thoroughly impressed by the tactical tightrope it requires players to walk.

More accessible than your average plan-and-attack thinker, there are several ways to get in on the game, including a new online Blitz mode - essentially a five-minute capture the flag session, which adopts a card system based on energy collection. Easier played than explained, suffice it to say it soon becomes dangerously addictive.

Still, it’s the large-scale battles where Halo Wars 2 continues to truly excel, offering frenetic action that requires as much brain as brawn to overcome. We’ve only had a taste, but we reckon it could be up there with some of the genre’s best titles.

4) Bragi builds Bluetooth buds at a better price

Want in on the AirPods hype, but can’t face flinging more of your hard-earned cash at Apple? We met Bragi’s wireless Dash earbuds last year - and, now, the maker has stripped out the activity-tracking tech to cut costs, giving us the Bragi Headphone. If you’re wandering where the ‘s’ went, so are we.

Surprisingly comfortable despite their size, the Headphone also sounds - on first listen, at least - more balanced and robust than the AirPods. There were no dropouts or disconnects, either, during the limited listening time we spent with them.

They’re water-resistant, too, so a bit of rain shouldn’t hurt, while tiny physical controls on the right unit mean phone-free interaction - trumping the AirPods - though it can be tricky to hit the buttons.

If you’re the sort that worries about in-ears blocking out too much sound on a commute, the Bragi buds also have nifty transparency tech built-in, so you can control how much of the outside world gets in. All for US$149 (RM665). Beat that, Apple.