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4) Apple gets red in the rear

There’s a new iPhone. And it’s red. Or, rather, it’s (Red).

Earlier this week, the internet almost caught fire when Apple’s store was taken down - something that usually signifies the imminent arrival of a slick batch of new Cupertino gear.

A few hours later we had a new iPad (of sorts), an iPhone SE with more capacity and an iPhone that’s red in the name of charity.

That’s it. Really. It’s the same iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus), just with a new shell on the back - in a lovely shade of red. Which is nice. It’s all part of Apple’s ongoing support of AIDS charity (RED) with its PRODUCT(RED) series, which, again, is nice.

3) Panasonic takes snapping to the next level

When you spend £1700 (RM8280) on a CSC camera, you probably expect it to have an excellent build, perfect controls, eminent usability and astounding picture quality. Thank the photography gods, then, that Panasonic’s new, spenny GH5 serves up all of the above.

Decidedly cutting edge, it’ll shoot 4K video at 60fps, delivering silky smooth footage in almost all situations. Sure, it struggles a little in low light, but almost everything else about the GH5 is excellent.

Ask any YouTube star (we don’t know any) and they’ll likely tell you that the Sony A7S II is their camera of choice. The GH5 has double the frame rate and will offer HDR, too, after an April update. The king, it seems, has a new challenger to its throne.

Smooth snapping