Fully Charged: Apple’s 'iRing' joke, Microsoft renames SkyDrive and driving coast to coast in a Tesla

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Fully Charged: Apple’s Tim Cook interviewed and Microsoft renames SkyDrive

Apple CEO Tim Cook: "We’re making a smart ring (lol j/k)"

Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t give many interviews, so this week’s one-on-one chat with US broadcaster ABC is sure to be of interest to any discerning techie.

Cook said that Apple hopes to manufacture more products in the USA in future. It already manufactures the new Mac Pro in Austin, Texas, and will be making sapphire glass in Arizona – although Cook wouldn’t say what for. He joked about Apple’s famed secrecy, and said that the company was working on a “smart ring”.

You can watch the four-minute segment here. Just don’t expect to find out whether or not the next iPhone will have a bigger screen...

Microsoft: SkyDrive is dead, long live OneDrive

Microsoft has announced that its SkyDrive cloud storage service will soon be renamed “OneDrive”.

A blog post frames the decision in terms of it being “one drive” to store all your important documents, photos and videos, but it’s not one the company ever wanted to take: BSkyB won a legal battle over the name, saying it was confusing Sky Broadband customers.

OneDrive is “coming soon” and you can sign up for updates here.

[Source: OneDrive blog]

Tesla drivers can now travel coast-to-coast in the USA

Tesla drivers can now travel coast-to-coast in the USA

Tesla Motors has installed enough of its Supercharger stations than owners of the Tesla S and Roadster electric cars can now drive from New York to Los Angeles.

Tesla founder Elon Musk tweeted the news yesterday, although looking at the map it’s clear that you’ll have to take a somewhat scenic route, taking in states such as Wisconsin, South Dakota and New Mexico. Still, sounds like quite the road trip.

Superchargers can provide up to 170 miles range with just a 30-minute charge. Tesla will be building more in the US and Canada in the coming months.

[Source: Tesla]

Gears of War is now a Microsoft-owned franchise

Gears of War is now a Microsoft-owned franchise

Epic Games has sold all rights to the Gears of War franchise to Microsoft, meaning that Gears of War: Judgment will remain the final instalment of the series developed with the involvement of its original creators.

Well, sort of. Microsoft Studios has already set new Canadian studio Black Tusk to work on the next Gears of War game, and announced that series veteran Rod Fergusson has been hired to oversee its development.

So it seems like Marcus Fenix and his muscular pals will be back in action before too long.

[Source: Eurogamer]