New on Vine - import videos, pretty them up with sharper editing tools

Currently only live on iOS but Android update is in the works

Vine's novel featureset - shoot and share video quickly - is getting a bit of a boost by allowing you to use videos already on your phone and sharing them on the Internet. Now this seems a bit of a change from the 'freshly captured' model the app has used for so long but sometimes oldies can be goodies?

Users are encouraged to share their old phone videos and tag them on the service with the #VintageVine tag

Prettier Vines to ward off Snapchat

WIth the trend being for quick, easy photosharing on services like Snapchat, Vine is trying to get people as excited about sharing their Vines as they used to be in the early  hey-day for the app.

Besides adding import functionality (slow-motion videos also supported by the way), Vine's editing tools are now speedier and allowing for more precision. To access the new tools, simply tap on the scissors icon on the prevew screen. New features include the preview and undo button which allows you to see your last clip with its edits and then press undo.

Vine's also included a duplicate button and a mute button (useful to filter out unwanted noises).

For video capturing, Vine has added a torch feature to add in light for low-light situations, a focus-lock that works with both rear-facing and front-facing cameras, a ghost mode to display the last frame of your most recent shot and also grid view.

Adding these features will at least help users create viewable Vines without needing multiple retakes or bemoaning the lack of a full-blown video editing app. The app update is already available on iOS while you Android Vine users will just have to wait for a bit.

On the subject of low-light photography, why don't we help you figure out how to do it better?

[Source: Vine]

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