9 brilliant budget apps for your new Motorola Moto G

Just bought Motorola’s staggeringly affordable new Android smartphone? Then load it up with these free and cheap apps!

Motorola’s budget superstar the Moto G has just hit the shops, serving up a staggering set of specs for a bargain basement price. Just bought one? Well, then get yourself over to the Google Play Store, becaseu we’ve picked out the ideal set of apps for you...

Citymapper (Free)

Citymapper is our favourite app of the year, so we couldn’t very well leave it off this list. A bright, simple journey-planner for London and New York (hopefully more cities will be added soon), it takes almost everything into account when plotting you a route from A to B – traffic, disruptions, every form of transport available, all kept up to date – and throws in handy extras like subway maps and weather info. You’ll never get lost again.


Rayman Fiesta Run (US$3.68)

The platform legend is back in a new adventure, with over 75 colourful levels to jump, fly, run and punch his way through. A beautiful game that plays just as good as it looks.


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Solo Launcher (Free)

With its wealth of removable backs, the Moto G has a real customisation bent – and you can carry that on with Solo Launcher, an app that lets you personalise the homescreen to a dizzying degree: widgets, settings, themes, fonts, wallpapers and even gestures can all be tweaked. And all for free!


Tiny Tower (Free)

Colourful 8-bit graphics and simple but addictive gameplay make this casual title one of the most popular games around. Build a tower (a tiny one!) and then manage the businesses and ‘bitizens’ inside.


Vine (Free)

Vine is a platform for making and sharing short, looping videos. Its six-second limit might seem tight, but there’s a reason: it forces you to tell your ‘story’ or construct your joke more effectively.


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