One of these 10 concepts could be the face of the incoming Moto 360 smartwatch

The international watch of mystery shines some light on its facial features with these 10 concepts of time

It's about time. The Moto 360 has been teased to the smartwatch-hungry hordes, but no one has an inkling of what its face would look like. Until Motorola released their favourite 10 watch faces, from more than 1000 submissions in a create-your-own-face contest.

While these 10 concepts might or might not make it to a Moto 360 watch, it certainly suggests the way Motorola is going with their first ever smartwatch, and you can even vote for your favourite to send them a hint or two.

Here they are, the candidates jostling for a place on your wrist, in no particular order - the different ways you can tell time.

By David Pascual

Facial features: Shows calendar events, notification widgets, and status essentials in the form of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and battery.

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By Paul Stringer

Facial features: This version displays time in the form of a speedometer, with hours on the outside and minutes and seconds on the inside. Too complicated for you? The data takes digital shape too.

By Jason Wang

Facial features: While it might look like a radar, you won’t be using echolocation to detect time. Rather, the small arc up top shows the hour while the longer arc below it reveals minutes, and the hand  seconds. Pretty cool, but don’t expect military precision off it.

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