Goodbye Charms bar: Windows Treshold stripping away more Windows 8 UI elements

Much-derided Windows UI feature on its way out and it looks like Windows 9 will look a lot like Windows 7

It looks like the next version of Windows will go back to the familiar if the latest reports are to be believed. ZDNet reported that the Charms bar will disappear from all devices, whether desktops or mobile.

So far that's just another feature dropped after reports that the Metro UI styling will also soon disappear as Windows 9 seems to be going back to the past after someone finally got the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' memo over at Redmond.

Virtual desktops for the power users

Slightly more exciting for the uber-Windows users is that Microsoft might have virtual desktops built into the OS. We're talking the ability to run clusters of apps on separate desktop making it a multitaskers wet dream. Apple and Linux have supported virtual desktops for quite a while now so Microsoft is playing catchup where this is concerned.

As to when we'll see the new version of Windows, it is unlikely to be this year with most signs pointing to a Spring release for Microsoft's next stab at OS dominance. While it is unlikely Apple's OS X will take over thanks to the cost of Apple's proprietary hardware and the fiddly nature of Linux, Microsoft has to work hard to convince people to upgrade after the lacklustre response to Windows 8.

If you'd like to take the new OS for a spin, a Fall preview of the OS is likely which will allow users to get a feel of the new OS before it drops. With a lot of users still holding out on upgrading, clinging to (gasp) Microsoft XP or Windows 7 and even Vista, Microsoft really has to give its consumers more reason to upgrade than 'we're no longer supporting your old OS anymore'.

Get up to speed with the OS that like it or not is still king in the PC world.

[Source: ZDnet]

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