Lexus IS Hybrid debuted in real-life video game

Jarno Trulli tears round a route drawn in real-time on his passenger’s tablet

Lexus Italy has come up with a genuinely cool way to show off its new IS Hybrid car.

The company, in conjunction with Saatchi & Saatchi Italy, created “Trace Your Road”, a real-life experiential computer game in which players ride shotgun alongside Formula 1 driver Jarno Trulli. In a Lexus IS Hybrid, natch.

Trulli scrumptious

Armed with a tablet, the players then trace a route for Trulli to follow in real-time. The route, and pick-up icons that deliver bonus points, is projected onto the floor of a hangar. If the car leaves the track or slows down too much, the player loses points, so the idea is to create a smooth route that takes in the bonus pick-ups.

Lexus IS Hybrid

Take a butcher’s at the video to get a proper idea of how it works.

[Via PSFK]

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