Lego’s Mini Cooper is 1,000 bricks of classic car

New official set comes in British Racing Green, of course – and with a picnic hamper in the boot

Is this an official Lego set?
Oh yes. The company designed this set in-house and will be selling it for £75 (RM406).

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It looks startlingly detailed.
Yep, this model is made of 1,077 bricks, and features a number of intricate little touches: the Mini logo, tan seats, a wood grain dashboard, door handles – even a picnic hamper in the boot. And it comes with the iconic British Racing Green paint job.

Which parts move?
A lot. You can open the boot, as we’ve mentioned, but also the roof comes off and the doors and bonnet open. The seats push forward, and there’s even a spare wheel in a hidden compartment in the boot.

The set is due out in August 2014

I’m sold, even for £75 (RM406). When’s it out?
It’ll be on sale in August. So you’ve got a bit of time to save up.

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