Kill your productivity: Stuff's top 30 free browser games

7: Super House Of Dead Ninjas

A fast-moving platformer with a ninja theme that takes about five seconds to master, and six seconds to fall in love with. Direct your little warrior down through a series of dungeons. Take out the guards with throwing stars, knives and bombs. Avoid the traps. Have fun. No signup. No embarrassing bulge in your email spam folder. Just good old-fashioned ninja action. 

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6: Skid Racer

I’m terrible at racing games. I’m always too slow in the straights and too fast in the corners. Of all the racers I tried out for this list, Skid Racer is the most forgiving of my utter incompetence, which seems to me to mean that it’s the best for the casual gamer who just want ten minutes of amusement. 

Serious petrolheads will presumably all have racing sims that enable to tweak every aspect of their ride’s aerodynamics. This one doesn’t offer that kind of  functionality. In fact, it’s a measure of the realism on offer that you can stack up prize money to spend on laser cannons to fit to your car. If you want realism, iRacing might be the way to go. If you want fun, you’ll get it here.


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