JohnnyExpress is a darkly humourous look at mail delivery in the future

Is it wrong to find this animated Vimeo short hilarious?

JohnnyExpress tells the tale of a lazy delivery man who delivers packages to neighbouring planets in the universe.

If you’re expecting a drastically different way of life in 2150, you couldn't be more wrong. The short opens with a shot of Johnny draped over his cushioned stool surrounded by junk as his spaceship lands on the planet. It seems that in the future, humans are just as lazy, we still consume the same disgusting amount of junk food, and a robot vaccuum cleaner is still as ineffective.

What’s on his plate for delivery is a tiny, tiny parcel, and as he walks the seemingly empty planet looking for the recipient, something unexpected happens. We won’t ruin it for you, but you’ll definitely have mixed feelings watching this. And one other thing stays the same - mail delivery looks to be an equally hit-and-miss affair in the future as it is today.

Whatever the subliminal message, the 5 and a half minute-long short by Kyungmin Woo is better than some of the full-length animated feature films we’ve seen this year. Pixar, you'd better watch out. 

Source: Vimeo via io9

JohnnyExpress from AlfredImageworks on Vimeo.

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