The IPunch gloves tell you exactly how big a can of whoopass you’ve opened

Sensor-enabled gloves for the fisticuffs of the future

A real man doesn’t need a computer to tell him how well he fights, does he?

It’s true that in the old days, the only way to measure your cage-fighting success was by counting the number of your opponent’s teeth embedded in your knuckles. But today’s pugilist wants more data than that. Yes, you’ve punched someone really, really hard in the head – but how hard, exactly? The IPunch gloves, which claim to be ‘the world’s first smart combat gloves’, can give you that information.

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So they’re not for punching someone’s eye?

Technically you could wear them to punch someone in the eye, or maybe even in the ear, but the IPunch gloves are designed as a training aid, for use with a punchbag. Because they let you know how hard and fast you’re hitting the bag, it’s like having a personal trainer on hand to take you through a workout. Keep the IPunch app (iOS and Android) visible and it can take you through a training programme, or leave it to one side, beat the hell out of the bag for three minutes and let the app tell you how good a thrashing you doled out. There’s also a hardest punch challenge, which lets you challenge a punch-pal to see who can land the hardest blow.

Surely the sensors themselves will be destroyed by my enormous fists?

The sensors are in the straps, so unless you practice the highly unorthodox sport of wristboxing, they’ll be fine. All the same, IPunch recommends they only be used on a bag, and we’d also add that you should never use a punchbag without proper training, or you’ll hurt yourself. We’re looking forward to getting our puny fists into a pair of IPunch gloves soon, and the company says it’s planning a pair of full-size boxing gloves equipped with the same tech. Head to the IPunch Indiegogo campaign if you think you’re hard enough.

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