From zero to hero: the best iPad apps to teach you new skills

Whether it’s making music or movies, sketching or painting, these are all the apps you need to take you to the next level

Want to dip your toes into a new hobby but don’t want to fork out the money to buy the often expensive equipment?

With just your iPad and these apps, you can go from being an app-mateur to a professional in whatever field you desire.

Arty farty

Doodling goes digital with these artistic apps that give you more creation tools (brushes, paints, surfaces, you name it, you have it) than you could possibly desire to spend on in real life. Maybe when your stickmen start to look more like pre-Raphaelite portraits, then you should invest in a canvas.

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Top of the pops

If you’re more Beyonce than Destiny’s Child, you don’t need band members or even a professionally kitted-out recording studio to make the next chart-topper. Whether it’s a layered Fleet Foxes landscape or a Calvin Harris crowd-pleaser, these apps will get you the attention you deserve on Soundcloud.

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Filmmaking 101

Always aspired to be the next Scorsese? There’s no need to invest in pricey camera rigs the latest 4K camera yet. Use any - or a combination - of these seven apps to make your own budget film. We gaurantee it'll look even better than the Blair Witch Project at any rate.  

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