The Internet is debating over the cuteness of Tally, the cat-like dog

Not even the Monday Blues can withstand the awesome feels you get from this dog raised by cats

Meet Tally. She’s a dog, a Husky/Malamute mix to be exact. And she also thinks she’s a cat.

Tally was apparently raised in a house with a whole bunch of cats, before she was adopted by her current owner.

What the owner didn’t expect, was the feline-like behaviour from Tally. Her sitting pose (pictured above) looks more similar to a cat that hides its legs under their body than a dog which usually stretches their legs forward. Face it, you can't take your eyes off those big innocent eyes.

The photo, and another that showed Tally hiding in a box reminiscent to Maru, the cat that got over 200 million views on YouTube, triggered a flurry of comments and re-shares on Reddit. The virality of Tally’s catty behaviour soon reached critical mass, plastered all over Facebook and Twitter, and soon reported by media outlets.

Tally’s owner, however, did put a disclaimer that there’s no definite proof that she was raised by cats as they only gave puppy pictures without the cats. But honestly, who needs proof? The Internet has spoken - everyone is now bonkers over the newly-crowned canine celebrity.

On a cold, dready Monday, there’s nothing more satisfying than a dog that’ll make you go “awwww”. Oh, these aren't enough? Why look, more photos below. Proceed to feel all fuzzy inside.

[Source: Imgur via Huffington Post]

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