Is that an SD card? No, meet Intel's tiny Edison PC

Our minds boggled at the sheer possibilities of Intel’s pint-sized PC, bringing the Internet of Things closer than ever

Look closely. This is not an SD card. Rather, the words Intel and Edison are dead giveaways to what it is - a PC with Pentium-class specs.

Unveiled at CES 2014, the Edison runs on Linux and is powered by Intel’s dual-core Quark system-on-chip processor. Everything but the kitchen sink fit snugly into this SD card form factor, including flash storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

This means smaller and smarter consumer tech is headed your way.

And not just any of the usual mobile gadgets. Think smart bottle warmers that activate when babies wake from their slumber. Surely, parents won't mind catching a few more winks without fretting over the right feeding temperature. You won’t even need an external receiver tagged with the bottle as Edison is built right into it, taking minimal precious real estate.

That's the crux of what Edison brings to the table - a PC with full-fledged features, without the associated bulk that’ll make smart gadgets look clunky.

The concept was further demonstrated by Intel with a baby outfit loaded with sensors tracking temperature and pressure. Edison, fitted into a mug, collects the data from the outfit and changes the mug’s, well, mug, red when the toddler turns cranky. Intel’s Edison is hitting the right notes with the Internet of Things, in a future where smart chairs could be potentially equipped with this pint-sized PC.

And what’ll smart chairs do for you? Learning your sitting habits, self-adjusting to the most comfortable position and giving you a kick in the arse for being a slob.

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