Step into EA's world: The coolest chillest corners of the gaming giant's Sydney digs

How could we possibly pass up on a chance to see where the world's most popular games are worked on?

We're in Sydney for a preview of The Sims 4 thanks to the nice people at EA.

Besides getting our hands on the latest build of the game, we asked nicely and got an office tour at the same time, peeking into their meeting rooms and even their fridges. We hear that it's a work hard play hard environment, filled with folks who are all gamers on some level.

Curious to see where they thrive? Follow us on this visual tour.


The lift opens directly onto EA's floor, and the first glimpse shows you that this isn't an ordinary office...

More after the break...

The PHWOAR-yer

The titles that grace the foyer are the latest and greatest. This time they're Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age Inquisition. The trailer on loop is from the latter, fresh off the recently wrapped Gamescom.

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These are nothing, just a few awards that EA has picked up over the years for being good at what they do. No biggie. And these aren't the end of them.

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