Brace yourselves - 5G will land in 2020 says Huawei

Pffft. And you thought your fancy new 4G phone was fast. You aint seen nothing yet...

4G has barely landed in Malaysia ,but that hasn't stopped Huawei from revealing that its 5G replacement will be available in 2020.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Huawei's head of 5G technology development Tony Wen promises fibre broadband connection speeds from the next-gen mobile network.

That opens up the potential for 100Mbps download speeds – enough to melt the back cover off your smartphone, at least according to our rough calculations.

It'll be a while before 5G capable smartphones become commonplace though, so we'd be happy enough with more networks joining EE in the 4G race for the time being.

[Wall Street Journal via TechRadar]

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