Guilty as charged: 7 other iPhone battery crimes you could be committing

Don't blame your phone, blame your own careless charging habits

So you’ve tweaked the settings we’ve recommended for better battery life, and yet your phone doesn't do the time it’s supposed to?

Sometimes it’s not the software that’s guilty of draining your battery, it could be how you're charging your phone that's putting your battery at risk. To ensure that you're not the one at fault, make sure you're not guilty of any of the charging crimes listed below.

If all else fails, you might be using an iPhone with a faulty battery. The good news is, that particular iPhone might be eligible for a free battery replacement.

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Overheating your phone

Think your iPhone is only vulnerable to a hard fall or death by drowning? Think again. Your iPhone’s battery can meet an untimely death due to overheating. Leaving your phone in the car’s glove box while you run errands is a very bad idea. The heat generated will likely cook your battery to death.

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