Goat Simulator: Live the life of a goat, in a Michael Bay film

Humane interaction

There are many humans in Goat Simulator and this particular suburb was a very active one as there were parties and even drag racing, though I couldn’t find a farmer or anyone who might have helped my goat. Which is probably all the better because on contacting humans with either my horns or even licking them rendered them into a state of useless incapacitation. It was as if the slightest contact with my goat induced an aneurysm in every human in the game, which again I felt wasn’t very realistic because goat-induced aneurysms have a very low probability in reality.

At this point the humans were fleeing my goat—and with good reason as I had quite possibly disabled a good percentage of the neighbourhood by head butting them which, though unrealistic, was quite satisfying to send people in sweat suits flying through the air.

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