Goat Simulator: Live the life of a goat, in a Michael Bay film

A friendly visit

Entering a local home, I had hopes of getting a lead on a farmer to perhaps take in my goat or bring me to a local farm to facilitate meeting other goats and perhaps find a suitable mate. I encountered a man behind a desk who looked quite competent, but unfortunately upon licking him, the poor fellow fell into some manner of coma.

Moving closer to help, I bumped his desk sending it across the room where it smashed into pieces against the wall. Before I could apologize, I somehow exploded his computer and the man flopped out of his chair onto the floor - which awarded me more points.

Wondering if perhaps my goat had been a subject of genetic experimentation as this was the only way to explain her seemingly super strength, I left the home, but not before entering the man’s kitchen and racking up 5000 points for decimating his dinner table and assorted plate ware.

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