This pair of normal looking glasses is actually Google Glass

A patent filed by Google suggests there’s a new Glass design in the works

“Meh, what’s so special about this picture of a pair of regular looking glasses?” you may ask. It’s actually from a patent Google was recently granted showing a new design that it could possibly be working on for the Google Glass.

If you take a look at the current design, it doesn’t quite look like something people wear on a daily basis, unless the pimped up version tickles your fancy. But that could be something that might change in the near future if Google goes ahead with this plan.

As compared to the current model, the drawings in the new patent show a sleeker and more standard looking pair of glasses. There is a smaller glass prism that may be closer to your eyes than the current version of the smart glass.

Not any ordinary Glass

We think this move may be a smart one, since a more natural design might interest a wider range of people to adopt it. Plus, a smaller prism would mean that it becomes more discrete on your face instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Regardless of the change, the pair of smart eyewear will still be bulkier than a pair of regular glasses, especially the sides. That’s because Google will most likely be packing its computing components, such as the memory and processor, at this end.

Until Google actually takes the wraps off the revamped Glass, there’s no telling if this patent will translate from paper to reality. But we predict that wearable tech will blend into every part of our daily lives in the near future, and we’ll most likely see it happening in the next three or four years.

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[Source and images: Business Insider]

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