With more memory and apps on the Google Glass, there’s more reason to be a Glasshole

It now brags a full 2GB of memory, and has 11 more official apps

The timing had to be right – just hours before its annual Google I/O conference, the search giant has made a big, bold move in giving its Google Glass an upgrade. There’s plenty of reason now to not take the wearable off your face.

The first change it’s made is giving Glass a hardware boost. Now, instead of 682MB, the Google Glass will ship with a full 2GB of memory – that’s about three times the capacity of its predecessor.

This isn’t the first time a revision has been made on the Glass hardware – last December, it added support for custom prescription lens, as well as a dedicated pair of microUSB stereo headphones.

For all we know, the improvements could be part of a bigger master plan that Google intends to hatch and wow us with at the I/O conference.

It's also pushing out apps

In addition, Google’s also revealed 11 more official apps for the connected headset, that will accompany the collection of Glass travel apps it launched in May. You can now expect Shazam, Livestream, and even a World Cup app (Goal.com) on the Glass store.

If those few haven’t irked your attention, the other apps include Duolingo, Runtastic, 94Fifty Basketball, The Guardian, GuidiGO, Zombies, Run!, musiXmatch, and Star Chart (you can get a full breakdown of every app on Google+).

Judging by the support, upgrades and plethora of apps it’s making even before the wearable device is globally made available, Google’s got its hands full with the Glass, but we reckon that’s not going to stop it from delivering more in future.  

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[Source: Mashable and TechCrunch

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