Google Glass gets someone attacked, again

Unfortunate Glassy-eyed fellow gets his eyewear stolen and vandalised

Poor Kyle Russell. His Google Glass eyepiece was destroyed along the streets of San Francisco, coincidentally, as he was covering the Google protests happening.

He claims a woman saw what he was wearing, yelled "Glass!" and proceeded to snatch and then smash his precious eyewear.

Sounds a bit crazy, but Russell now has a piece of mangled eyewear to show for what happened. Sadly the Glass which costs roughly US$1500 (RM4875) has been rendered unusable. Russell says he does not think the woman was one of those protesting against Google, but likely had her own motivations, whatever they may be.

With wearable tech becoming more mainstream, are we doomed to having random strangers accost us for using tech that discomfits them? 

No Glass allowed

It isn't just innocent Google Glass wearers who are affected. Steve Mann, who invented his own digital eyepiece, claims he was assaulted at a McDonald's for wearing his eyegear.

Google might have to rethink how it's positioning the headpiece, or perhaps its wearers might have to deal with the fact that the tech is still unnerving for many. Still, stealing and vandalising isn't cool no matter what. Take heed, kids.

[Source: Mashable]

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