Stuff Tripping: In Jakarta with the Samsung Galaxy S5

We took the Samsung Galaxy S5's camera for a whirl around the Indonesian capital

What better way to test a phone's camera than to take it out on a field trip? We were in Jakarta witnessing the launch of Asus' new ZenFone range, and though the schedule was so packed that we didn't really have time to explore, the hotel and its surroundings were more than adequate for us to see what the Samsung Galaxy S5's camera could do.

All photos were taken and edited on the phone itself. And yes, we fiddled around quite a bit with the phone's built-in filters.

Checking in

"Mr Parker? Mr Peter Parker? Funny, I could've sworn he was there a minute ago."

It's a long way to the top

The best thing about the Hotel Pullman Jakarta Central Park that Asus put us up in was that it was filled with art. This was taken at the lift lobby, which thankfully, didn't require us to do any climbing of our own.

Baby, baby, baby, nooooo

The hotel calls this art, but we'd prefer to call it nightmare fuel. It's bad enough they look so creepy, but did the artist really have to arm them with weapons to strangle us in our sleep with?

Cosy corner

Where'd the receptionist scoot off to? 

Art-ic circle

Yes, the typo above is intentional. It also explains the polar bear. 

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A state of Zen

The concept behind Asus' ZenFone range really is quite simple: great features and specs + low price = great value for money. 

Read more here: Hands-on with Asus' budget ZenFones

Geek central

These are all journalists waiting to get their hands on the new phones. 


What comes after hypermarket? The Giant in Jakarta was so immense in scale, it makes those we see seem like supermarkets in comparison.

Fishy business

The part of town we were in was so upmarket, even the fish in the pond eat expensive food.

Feeling nostalgic

We hadn't eaten at an A&W in decades, which is why all of us clamoured to have this for lunch before we flew back home to Singapore. Curly fries, waffles, and root beer floats never tasted so good, even though you can get them elsewhere.

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