Rising Stars: The Top Five Games At Korea’s Biggest Game Expo

Peria Chronicles (PC)

The Skinny: It seems that some publishers and developers on this country have been bitten by the Grand Theft Auto sandbox open world bug. The latest victim happens to be Nexon, with its next big and colorful title Peria Chronicles.

The game’s cel-shaded appearance may seem childish and cartoonish for core audiences, but delve deeper and players can see the simulation aspects. Playing the role as a wandering magician, players not only have to do the standard MMORPG tropes of questing, but they can also build their own town, hire their own NPCs to occupy it, and even reshape part of the land as they see fit. Building up a town and making it prosperous actually makes the magician stronger, so there’s a point to all of this user-generated content-crafting.

Conversely, players can only get the best materials and townsfolk for their hamlet by questing and killing woodland creatures of shapes and sizes. Oh, and the magician doesn’t cast the spells, she or he summons all sorts of spirits and beasts –just like Final Fantasy’s summons - to make them do her and his dirty work. In essence, developer Thingsoft takes the best parts of Simcity, the online Final Fantasy games and World of Warcraft, and gives the whole package an anime makeover.

Localization Fate: A definite maybe on this seemingly-saccharine title being in English. This really depends on whether the game will take off in Korea and not be cannibalized by the company’s 2D MMO giant, the MapleStory series. Here’s hoping Nexon is charitable in giving gamers an English-localized taste of this unique entry.

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