Fujifilm's X-T1 hardy retro-looking camera announced for Malaysia

Weather-sealed body means this old-school new-age digital camera is ready for the elements

Right on the heels of Olympus with their E-M10, Fujifilm announces their latest addition to the family – the X-T1. Coming from a long line of X-series camera, this latest bad boy brings many features into one compact body.

The X-T1 is Fujifilm’s first weather-sealed body, making this the camera to bring out for shoots – either in the sun, rain or snow (Fujifilm said it can stand temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius – perfect for the weather in Japan right now!)

Fujifilm has elected to use an electronic viewfinder (EVF) in the X-T1, which has a magnification of 0.77x – the largest in any camera out there. They also mentioned that there is a minimal lag time while using the EVF and take photo in real-time – just 0.005 seconds.

Also first for the company is the inclusion of what they claim the world’s fastest autofocus system, thanks to the new EXP Processor and the X-Trans CMOS II sensor. While it may not be the best option to take photos at your local F1 races, it’s pretty dang fast for almost everything else.

The Fujifilm X-T1 will be available in two different kits – body only, which will cost you a cool RM4388; and a body plus 18-55m kit lens, which will be retailing for RM5688. Both kits will be arriving at stores by the end of the month of February, so look out for it.

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