This free 8-bit Game of Thrones videogame is all kinds of awesome

Winter is coming. Prepare yourselves for the dark nights with this charming free-to-play 8-bit adventure

We've never heard of Spanish comic artist Abel Alves before today, but if our paths ever happen to cross then he'll have a pint our three on us.

That's because he's created a free-to-play 8-bit Game of Thrones videogame which sees you step into the pixellated boots of four different characters (including Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen), each with their own special attacks and abilities.

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There are four levels to slog your way through, each based on different parts of George R. R. Martin's epic saga.

With a head-thumping 8-bit soundtrack to boot, there's no reason not to go and download Game of Thrones The 8 bit game for your Mac or PC from here, right now.

[comicsabelalves via Pocket Lint]

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