8 flagship smartphones vying for your attention

Oppo Find 7

This phone is pixel perfect, cramming a 2K display into its 5.5in screen which computes to a 538 ppi display density. Run on a quad-core 2.5GHz processor, with 3GB of RAM for your multitasking needs, the phone also comes with a 13MP camera that promises 50MP photos thanks to its Super Zoom camera mode that combines the best four shots from a succession of 10.

That big phat display is sure to drain its 3000mAh battery in no time, but Oppo came prepared. The phone comes with VOOC battery charging technology that will get your flat battery up to 75% in half an hour.

What’s hot: Its Color OS that allows for custom gesture controls so that you can activate Facebook by tracing an “f” on the screen, or whatever gesture you deem appropriate.

What’s not: For a phone that promises 4K video reocrding and 50MP photos, you’d think it’d come with bigger storage options, but no, you get 32GB. So you’ll most definitely have to get a microSD card to work its media capturing abilities, of which up to 128GB is supported.

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