Google's 10 best April Fools' pranks toyed with our feelings

Every year, the big G never fails to keep us entertained on 1 April

Throwback Thursday: Google's 10 best April Fools' pranks

Didn’t catch ‘em all Pokemons on Google Maps? Can’t wait to try the Nest smart thermostat on Virgin America flights?

These are just some of the great innovations that Google have unleashed upon the world on 1 April* Sure, they sound zany, wild, and at times almost impossible to pull it off. But we have absolute faith in the folks at Mountain View.

Just look at some of the wonderful ideas they came up with over the last few years.

*Disclaimer: as a self-professed Google fanboy, this writer has been in denial and refused to recognise these antics as April Fools’ Day pranks.

Google Nose (2013)

The ultimate search feature that no longer limits you to just ogling at those delicious-looking cakes. With over 15 million scentibytes saved on Google, you can practically smell the great outdoors or know how city-dwellers feel about the air pollution.

Treasure Hunt on Google Maps (2013)

Avast, ye land lubbers. It’s time to find Captain Kidd’s long-lost treasure. Don’t think about hoarding that treasure, you’ll have to work together and combine maps to get more clues to the infamous pirate’s treasure. Bring a sword along, just in case you get double-crossed when you find them shiny gold.