In memory of the 19 amazing (and equally weird) Nokia phones

We take a look at how the once juggernaut Nokia (now Microsoft Devices) changed (and shocked) the smartphone industry

The Nokia phones that changed the world (and a few crazy ones that didn't)

Soon, you won't even see Lumia devices on the market when the once-Nokia brand becomes part of the Surface lineup.

The long road traveled by Nokia, from the early Nokia 3310, to the popular Nokia N95, lives on in our memories. To commemorate the good times, we bring you on a trip back in time to re-visit the good old phones of Nokia

Additional text by Tein Hee Seow

Nokia Cityman (1987)

Nokia Cityman (1987)

Available in “450” and “900” editions (named for the frequencies in MHz they used on the Nordic Mobile Telephony system), the Cityman was Nokia’s first mobile phone and regarded as a sleek, high-end and highly desirable product. How times change. The brick-like handset established the Finnish company as a major telephony player by 1988, helped Nokia secure almost 15 percent of the global mobile phone market.


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