The best PlayStation 4 games out now

No PS4 game collection is complete without these stone cold classics

It's time to face facts: owning a PS4 doesn't make you special. All it means is that you made the most sensible console choice, and so did nearly 40 million other people.

Proving your gaming cred superiority and becoming the envy of your less tasteful friends therefore involves ensuring you have a collection of games beyond compare.

Finding the juicy nuggets of gaming excellence in an overwhelming line-up can be tricky, especially for the those who've only just boarded the PS4 bandwagon, but we're here to help: these are our picks for the 20 PS4 games you have to play and own. Many are new or relatively recent releases, keeping you up and up with the latest and greatest, but some are established gems that every true gamer needs in their locker.

So whether you're starting from scratch or looking to bolster an already established gaming library, read on, find something you like, and get playing!

Ratchet & Clank

A PS4 reimagining of a 14-year-old PS2 game that was already remastered on PS3 – yawn, right? You'd think so, but this is Ratchet & Clank, and Insomniac games certainly didn't snooze on the job.

The platform-action classic has been overhauled nearly top to bottom to feel like a totally modern game, but still packing in oodles of personality and fantastic weapons, plus it very well may be the most stunning game ever to hit the PlayStation 4.

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The Division

The Division might be the Tom Clancy franchise's most intoxicating concoction to date. It's a shooter at heart, sure, but between the looting, role-playing elements, and cooperative action, it's nigh impossible to put down.

Much of the appeal comes from the fantastic atmosphere, as the game nails a post-disaster version of New York City, not only offering terror and violence but also scale and realism. It's huge and addictive, and while there are currently some issues around the end-game, those are being worked on by Ubisoft and getting to them will take you 50 hours at the very least.

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Street Fighter V

Ding Capcom all you want for the lacking launch content – really, go ahead. But when it comes to the actual core of the fighting experience, Street Fighter V is another knockout from the legendary series.

It's technical as ever, yet streamlined for newcomers to learn easier, while new characters and a free slate of DLC keep things interesting even for old fans. And while it doesn't deviate dramatically from Street Figher IV, it looks pretty superb in the heat of battle.

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Rocket League

Knocking around a football as a four-wheeler sounds mighty dumb – and it is, but in the very best way possible. Rocket League is utterly ridiculous, tossing you into a stadium as a little car or truck as you try to score goals with an oversized ball, but it provides some of the most fun we've had playing anything on the PS4.

And the high-level play, complete with dazzling moves and saves, offers something to aspire to. It even now has a basketball mode!

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The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Looking for a fantasy epic to lose yourself in for a hundred or more hours? Look no further than The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, simply one of the finest role-playing games there's ever been.

It's vast and stunning, but the beauty is more than skin-deep: the characters are richly drawn, there's plenty of interesting stuff to do in the world, and the combat is quite sharp to boot. Even if you didn't play earlier entries – probably a lot of you – this is a fine place to start.

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