Fay Hokulani: 6 perfect gadgets for working out

Fitness blogger and TV host Fay Hokulani loves to make the most of tech when working out. In this special feature, she suggests six workout gadgets exclusively for Stuff.tv readers

You might have picked up a morsel of Fay Hokulani's tips to stay fit and fab via her blog. You've also seen her on the monthly footie show FourFourTwo Performance that airs on Malaysian direct broadcast satellite (DBS) Pay TV service, Astro. The fitness model and TV host graces Stuff.tv Singapore with her secrets on geeking out while keeping fit. 

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1. Boombotix Boombot Rex

"First impression of the Boombotix Boombot Rex is that it is loud as hell, which makes it perfect for outdoor training. This ultra-portable boombox has the ability to clip onto anything, including its own bike mount. Connect wirelessly to a mobile device and move around freely without fear of damage from drops of water, or your own sweat."

Price: from US$129.99 (RM410)

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2. Motorola MOTOACTV

"You could probably get most of MOTOACTV’s features on your smartphone. But if you take your workouts seriously, leave your phone in the locker because you don’t need any distractions. Keep track of your running, biking, golfing and other sporty exploits alongside GPS, MP3 playback, a heart rate monitor and Bluetooth with this smart watch."

Price: S$399 (RM1016)

(Image via Droid Life)

3. Rapoo Bluetooth Stereo Headset H6020

"Bluetooth technology is awesome. No cords to tangle you when you’re on the treadmill. No wires that to plug in to get your sweet jams from your phone to your ears. If you hate bulky heaphones, this Bluetooth stereo headset is for you. It’s light, wireless, totally affordable and plays your gym tunes for up to 6 hours. It takes only 2 hours to charge via a universal mini-USB cable. Talk about music on-the-go." 

Price: RM119

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4. Polar heart rate monitor chest strap

"Stay on top of your game and track your performance. Personal trainers love this device because it shows exactly how much you are working out, there’s no faking it. Wear the chest strap and connect it to the Polar Beat app on your phone to check your heart rate and how many calories you’re burning."

Price: RM269

5. Adidas adipure 360

"If you’re not ready to take the leap into five-toed footwear yet, the Adidas adipure 360 is perfect for you. It fits like a sock and has a highly flexible sole for barefoot-like training experience. Putting them on is a cinch and they also happen to hug the middle of your foot while keeping everything comfortable for some hardcore training."

Price: RM350

6. Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer app

"Turn your smartphone into a pocket-sized workout companion. Whether you’re a gym noob or iron pumper, this app will make sure you’re doing it right. For under the cost of a cup of coffee, Full Fitness provides instructions for hundreds of exercises and it sorts them by body region, muscle of target, and the equipment needed."

Price: US$1.99 (RM6.30)

Get it for iOS here

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