Rejoice or tremble? Zuckerberg confirms Facebook's plans for a drone army

Drones apparently created to help spread the Internet. We quake in fear

It's official, Facebook is planning on world domination with an army of drones.

We kid, it's actually for a good cause. We'd already mentioned Facebook was teaming up with to spread the Internet far and wide with automated drones. The rather surprising project has been confirmed by Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg himself on his Facebook page.

Zuckerberg said in his statement: "In our effort to connect the whole world with, we've been working on ways to beam internet to people from the sky."

And by beam, he meant drones, satellites and... would you believe it, lasers? That's the gist of Facebook's Connectivity Lab - a laser-carrying drone orbiting our skies. Apocalypse much?

Basic Internet for everyone

Honestly, there's nothing sinister about what Facebook is doing. Facebook's been working in countries like the Philippines and Paraguay to help the communities there, where apparently the number of people using mobile data have doubled with an alleged 3 million new people on the Internet.

Over at, Zuckerberg has a neat paper that explains the partnership's plans: to deliver basic internet services to all by decreasing the costs of connectivity, build more efficient services that use less data while partnering with local mobile operators to help grow the industry and bring more people into the age of connectivity.

Facebook has worked with Philippine telco Globe to offer free data access to the former's apps and seen the number of people using mobile data on Globe grow by 25%.

But in the meantime, we'll still keep our eyes peeled for those little drones.


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