Zombie users on Twitter and all the other hot Stuff you missed this week

Bite-sized pieces of news to help you get through the mid-week

You might have been swamped by a pile of work to have caught all of our news posts. Relax – here’s a recap of some of the top few over the last few days.

Twitter’s zombie users

With the 974 million (and growing) Twitter user base, one would think their feed would be constantly bombarded with Tweets, or at least, every other second. Guess again. Twitter-monitoring site, Twopcharts, has divulged that 44 per cent of its users have not Tweeted even once. Say what?

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Facebook messenger app

It’s a fact, almost no one uses Facebook’s messenger app. Facebook knows it too and that’s why it’s revamping its mobile app to exclude the chat function.

If you want a complete Facebook experience, you’ve got to download its standard messenger app and use two apps for the practicality of one.

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The Coffee Connector

Forget the social awkwardness when you’re at a conference waiting on the coffee machine to dispense you your cup of joe and there’s a bunch of people you don’t know lurking nearby.

The Coffee Connector helps break the ice by connecting two strangers – it prompts drinkers to key in their names, interests and habits while it brews your coffee. Genius!

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Samsung Gear 2

Wearable tech, wearable tech, and more wearable tech. That’s what’s been flooding our newsfeed.

Check out how the Samsung Gear 2 sits in with the rest. We hear it’s made vast improvements considering the original Galaxy Gear was hardly the company’s proudest moment.

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Beautifully terrifying GoPro videos

We think this giraffe might be the only thing that isn't impressed by GoPro.

Own up, we’re sure many of you are fixated with the GoPro videos. It’s probably the in thing on YouTube. If you’ve had a slow or tiring day, you need to watch them to get your adrenaline pumping.  

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