This big cat bites: meet Jaguar’s Project 7 racer for the road

Last year, Jaguar unleashed the Project 7 concept car. This year, it has announced you can buy it

This looks familiar, where have I seen it before?
Most likely at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year, when Jaguar raced its baby blue Project 7 concept car up the infamous hill climb route. The beautiful thing you see before you is the road-going version. Based on the current F-Type, it features a more powerful engine, styling inspired by the legendary Jaguar D-Type and a soundtrack that could wake the dead.

The D-Type isn’t particularly fast by today’s standards – is this?
The 5.0-litre supercharged V8 found in the current F-Type R has been fettled to produce an eye watering 567bhp, making it the most powerful F-Type by a long shot. Expect to blast from 0-97kph in just 3.8 seconds and rocket to a top speed of 300kph, all the while a brilliantly steep and stubby windshield is the only thing protecting driver from a painful bombardment of bugs. In short, it’s the fastest Jaguar currently on sale.

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What, there’s no roof?
Well, there is, but the stretchy fabric offering was created, “to get you home if it rains,” according to Ian Callum, the car’s designer. Think of it much like the roof offered on the Porsche Boxster Spyder - it can easily be unclipped, folded up and stowed in the surprisingly large boot.

Jaguar Project 7

So, you’re saying the fastest Jaguar currently on sale is also practical?
Sort of. It has a larger boot than the standard F-Type Convertible thanks to a lack of folding electronic roof structure and it has a passenger seat – something the Project 7 concept from last year lacked. Bear in the mind the springs and dampers have been set to ‘race-ready’ levels of firmness, so expect a chattering jaw when you crest one of Britain’s many potholes.

Has much changed on the inside?
Unfortunately not. We were expecting some bespoke gadgetry on a car this special, but customers will be greeted with exactly the same 8in colour touch screen found throughout the F-Type range. A smattering of Project 7 motifs have been stitched into various surfaces to keep collectors conciliated and those excellent, jet fighter-esque flick-switches remain.

Jaguar Project 7

So come on then, how much will it cost?
Only 250 F-Type Project 7’s will be produced, with each one finished by hand in Jaguar’s new Special Vehicle Operations facility in the Midlands, hence the £135,000 (RM738,500) price tag. Ouch.

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