Ellen's Twitter-breaking selfie isn't enough to make us want a Samsung smartphone

It’s a great stunt, but that’s all. It won’t make you desperately want a Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Ellen Degeneres broke Twitter when her star-studded selfie breached the 2 million retweet mark. Fact: the woman knows how to get everyone’s attention.

Did you know that photo was taken on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Surely, you must have noticed Samsung’s in-your-face presence at the Oscars with all the Samsung Galaxy S5 ads.

It’s estimated that Samsung spent US$20 million to drum up anticipation for its flagship Android smartphone on Oscars night. Based on sources familiar with the deal, the South Korean company was promised guaranteed product placement by the host during the Oscars.

That Twitter-breaking selfie? It was a bonus, totally unorchestrated. You can’t make something viral just because you want to. Though in this case, Samsung was trying really hard, and got some results out of it.

But it’s still a win for the Galaxy smartphone maker. It got everyone, including me, talking about the Note 3. The selfie turned out to be the icing on the cake.

But, did that make me want that Android smartphone immediately? Unless it guarantees me a selfie with Ellen’s merry band of celebrities, I really don't think so. I mean, that first selfie taken on-stage was a blurry mess. Hardly testament to how good the camera on the Note 3 was.

The second and record-breaking selfie got my attention only because it a) crashed Twitter and b) had Jennifer Lawrence in it.

I can’t speak for everyone. That stunt could have gotten Samsung a few more converts. But honestly, ask yourself if you had that uncontrollable urge to run to the nearest store, whip out your wallet and want that phone immediately. I know I didn’t.

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By the way, the Galaxy Note 3 wasn’t the only phone used by Ellen. She used an iPhone backstage. 


It was priceless marketing for Samsung!

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