This is easily the best looking smartwatch concept we've ever seen

Google. Samsung, Apple. Anyone. Make this happen. Pretty please?

Our wrists have danced with more than a few smartwatches over the past few years. 

From the Pebble and Samsung Galaxy Gear, to the Sony Smartwatch 2, and Gear Fit, we've been impressed. But there's always been something missing. Namely  - a classic design that looks indistinguishable from a regular watch.

And that's exactly why we've fallen in love with Hungarian designer Gábor Balogh's smartwatch concept.

Balogh's design replaces Swedish watchmaker Triwa's Havana watch face with a circular screen which blends together a digital clock with music, notification, navigation and weather functions.

Instead of opting for a touchscreen, Balogh has incorporated the controls into a rotating bezel and function buttons. No more fingers obscuring the screen, and no more smudges ruining your fancy watch.

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Pairing to your device will automatically bring up the app icons, and all apps are streamed and processed by your connected device, apart form basic functions like the timer and stopwatch, which are handled by the watch itself.

Concepts often look much better than their real world counterparts because they don't have to deal with pesky engineering hurdles.  While we're sure this design will have to be a little bulkier thanks to the battery and Bluetooth module, we can't see  any reason why subtle smartwatches like this cant' be the future of intelligent, stylish wristwear.

Throw it up on Kickstarter, and we'll be the first in line to donate.

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[Gábor Balogh via The Verge]

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