Design Tuesday: 5 of the coolest motorcycles ever


Was there any doubt this would make the list? It looks completely badass, is owned by freakin’ Batman, and comes with two giant cannons on the front. Who wouldn’t want it? Judging by shots in the movie, it handles like a dream too, cornering with ease and rolling over everything in its path. Let’s not forget the grappling hooks, either. 

Could you ride it? No, unless you’re a billionaire playboy and philanthropist who’s also secretly a costumed vigilante. 

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The people at Confederate Motorcycles have blended art and aggression to great effect before, but this is a different animal altogether. Available in a few variants, the Fighter is probably one of the best-looking motorcycles ever made, and looks like it’s incapable of anything except ear-gasmic roars and blistering speed. Built from carbon fibre, titanium, and aluminium, the bike will send you roaring down the highway. To hell, accompanied by an AC/DC soundtrack, probably. 

Could you ride it? Every bike Confederate makes is extremely rare and exclusive, mostly costing about US$100,000 (RM328,250) too. So… probably not. 

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