Cruise with us on the Rolls-Royce Icon Tour

Newest kid on the block

It's the Wraith. How sick is its name?


These decorative inlays are not as simple as they look, demonstrating the sheer skill of the artisan behind the marquetry. 

Anniversary edition

These inlays in particular are part of the 2013 Home of Rolls-Royce edition, celebrating 10 years of production at Goodwood, England. Laser-cut by machines but fitted together by hand. 

Meet Mark

He's the resident coachline painter at Rolls-Royce who was once flown to Dubai just to handpaint the coachlines on a prince's car.

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Mono me

Guests await their mongrammed leather keepsakes. Hannah, a member of the sewing team, was the most popular lady at the event. 

Pfaffing up

Here's her tool of the trade. Back home in Goodwood, the machines used for the stitch work within the cars are industrial-sized PFAFFs.

Stripped down

Strip a Phantom to its bare bones and this is what you'll find. The aluminium spaceframe that lies within is what gives it its famed magic carpet glide.

Spirit of Ecstacy

Thanks for the ride, Rolls-Royce!

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