Hands on with the multi-faceted Asus Transformer Book V

Picky? You get five different ways to work this triple threat device

The Asus Transformer Book V is all about options, being a three-in- one machine offering five modes of use and two operating systems at the same time.

However, would forking over a sum of money be justified? Is it a jack-of-all-trades, or does it fall flat as a master of none? We find out in our brief time with the machine at Computex 2014 by working out how this machine's unconventional form could unlock a world of convenience. 


Hands on with the multi-faceted Asus Transformer Book V - Many-in-one 2Hands on with the multi-faceted Asus Transformer Book V - Many-in-one 3

Don’t let the numbers confuse you. The Transformer Book V runs two operating systems in five different modes - an Android laptop, tablet, phone, and also as a Windows 8.1 tablet and laptop.

We see the arched eyebrow - how can a device run two operating systems? The Android-powered smartphone (unnamed as yet) slips neatly into the back of the Transformer Book V and brings up the Android home screen on your Windows-powered tablet screen. Take it full size and switch between operating systems as you fancy with a touch of the dedicated icon on the displays, or the button on your keyboard. Simple. There was no lag at all, but that might change if you load the devices up with content.

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So what?

Conveniences include discrete checking of your phone. When tablet and phone are joined and docked onto the keyboard, you only need to focus on one screen, instead of having to face up to the fact that you're obviously working as you constantly sneak peeks at your phone.

Hands on with the multi-faceted Asus Transformer Book V

Even when the phone's screen is minimised and you're checking your emails in laptop mode, if you receive a message, a notification will pop up and you can reply directly from the mode you're in. Same goes for calls - slip the phone out and take your call somewhere a little more private or use the speakers on the tablet to answer your call directly in laptop mode. 

Another massive advantage as far as we can tell is the copious amounts of storage you get with this device. The smartphone contains up to 64GB storage, with a microSD slot to boost storage up another 64GB. As for the tablet, it packs 128GB of storage, with the option of another 64GB via microSD, while the keyboard holds up to 1TB of memory, with a USB 3.0 and 2.0 slot to plug in your external hard drives. You don't even have to do the math to know that you could store a decade's worth of movies in this massive-brained device. 

As for charging, it's also a 3-in-1 experience. Just plug the charging cable into the tablet and all the devices drink their fill at the same time. Also, there's the added bonus of the entire device leveraging on the phone's speedy LTE abilities.

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Solid plastic

The 12.5in Transformer Book V may be plastic, but it's solidly built and feels good in the hand. At 1.75kg, it's portable and somehow keeps its form factor slim.  

Hands on with the multi-faceted Asus Transformer Book V

The tablet attaches magnetically to the keyboard without nary a wobble sideways and gives great viewing angles on its HD IPS display even on the spotlit show floor. We'd love to give it a good shake to see if it holds but there were too many ASUS executives hovering around for us to attempt the Great Shakedown unfortunately.

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Final thoughts

The ASUS executives were coy to give us the price point , but they did say it’s supposed to be a mass market product, which means it should be affordably priced. The only detail they revealed was that it’s going to cost less than if you were to buy a ZenFone 5 and a 2-in-1 separately.

It sure is interesting, giving users new ways to use the device, but whether it's worth it all boils down to whether its price is way greater than the sum of its parts. The Asus Transformer Book V is due out in Q4 in black or white.

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